RAID 10k drives, acronis image for backup on existing

... On my existing setup, I already have Windows 7 Ultimate on 2 400GB SATA RAID 0 uh, the standard speed(RPM) :pfff: went blank but you know what I mean hopefully..

I have two 10K Raptor drives, This is the thing though.

Drive 1) WD740ADFD 74.0 GB
Drive 2) HLFS 74.0 GB (Velociraptor)

When I get home in about a hour, I will have the information for you, currently all I remember is that the drive is this type (HLFS)

That is what I have, I don't have funds to purchase another one, so please let me know if this will work, I am planning on getting home, using Acronis to create the image..

I use to have another WD740ADFD (Drive 1), luckily I did run :pfff: (went blank again) a program off of a Linux live CD to check the life and it will have total failure in 22 day's lol, so I am glad I checked.. I don't see why this wouldn't work, but I am checking. The drives have been DBANed w/ 3 wipes and no errors so they are good to go with plenty of life on them.

Also, how is the speed difference, 2 10K RAID 0 compared to what my current setup, thanks.
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    The RAID will run at the speed of the slowest drive so the Velicoraptor will be limited. (I didn't realize the Velicoraptor came in a 74 GB configuration.) You will not get any real world performance increase from using RAID 0 though the benchmarks will look pretty. I suggest that you don't bother with RAID 0 and let the Velicoraptor run at its best.
  2. Wamphryi you are very correct! The WD VelociRaptor capacity is 80GB. Due to it being limited and I have two drives, Should I leave my RAID 0 Config currently in set with the two 400GB drives which has the OS on it. People tell me to get rid of my RAID 0 and jump to RAID 1 but really I like 0, I create full system backups with acronis when a significant portion is used and I have my NON-RAID storage HDD 2 of them.

    The two NON-RAID drives are not high capacity, they are 250GB which would be replaced with the 74 and 80GB drives, will I see performance increases at all and how should the drives be used, just for storage, can you please tell me some suggestions.

    Any seriously high capacity drives, being 2TB or say 1TB still are all External drives.

    and that is how my storage system goes...
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