All programs default to "Work Offline" w/ internet connect..

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Been running XP Pro for approx 15 months using Charter
Cable DSL and ACT! & internet mail, no problems. Just
recently moved our business physical location and had to
sign on to Bellsouth DSL (i.e. no cable service at the
new location). Once the system boots up everything runs
fine. However, as I begin to startup programs all
programs then default to "Work Offline". I do not used
Outlook or Outlook Express. I have set internet Explorer
defaults and all other program defauts to stay "online"
where permissable. This problem is also intermittent.
However, it seems to be getting more troublesome. I have
uninstalled all Bellsouth modems and software, and
reinstalled. NOTE, the internet connection remains open
and not dropped. Only the programs go into "Work
Offline". When I send email through ACT! they go directly
into the outbox. When I go to "File" and check "Work
Online" they still don't go out, and the ACT! defaults to
the "offline" mode again. It even turns the printer
offline. I did not have this problem prior to the
bellsouth DSL sign up. However, they say its a software
conflict within my system, DA! Is there any way and/or
avenue to overide the system (XP PRO) to always "Work
Online" or any possible answeres to this problem. I am
not an IT prof, just a small business owner with stand
alone pc's (not networked). Any help would be greatly
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.configuration_manage (More info?)

    Try to re-run Internet Connection setup from Internet Options tab
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