My Q8400 CPU benchmark very low Please help

I benchmarked my Q8400 quad core CPU with "passmark software-performance test software". And my CPU benchmark value are lower than almost all the other computers with the same CPU. :(

My configuration
MB- Intel DG40RQ
RAM - DDR2 667Mhz 1gb kingston
VGA 8500GT 512MB

My RAM is comparatively lower than ( capacity and the speed ) the other machines. Does it has something to do with the CPU benchmark? Please help. I want to improve the performance of my computer. What should I do? could you please explain the measures that i should take?

Thank you
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  1. You should try using software that is at least vaguely relevant. CPU benchmarks are often CPU and memory benchmarks and slight differences in memory bandwidth can have a large impact on scores when in the real world it makes little difference at all. Try using your computer for the purpose you bought it for (what do you use your PC for?). If it can't do that then you have a problem ;)
  2. Yep I can't use the computer in the way I want. My previous computer was a intel 1.6 dual core. since the new one is a 2.66 quad core I expected a significant improvament in system performance. But it isn't. Performance is slightly increased but nothing compared to the price or the modle
  3. You still haven't said what it is you use the PC for.
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    And remember, a quad core cpu isn't going to speed up windows XP. :) May a little bit and might help with multi tasking but it isn't going to be a life changer as far as OS performance goes. At least thats what I figure you are talking about. :) You'd be better off with a re-format if your windows is running slow. Also, get a 2nd GB of ram in there it will make a world of difference. 2GB is golden for XP.
  5. Oh wow, I completely overlooked that. 1GB of RAM will make any modern task painfully slow. You need 2GB of RAM minimum in a modern system, preferably 4GB, unless you're just surfing the net.
  6. Thanks,
    Could you please explain how actually RAM capacity affect the CPU speed. I understand that the RAM capacity is important. But I would like to understand it logically.
    Do I have to only consider the RAM capacity. What about the RAM speed. 667Mhz OR 800Mhz ?
    Thanks again
  7. Ram itself doesn't affect cpu speed, but it can greatly affect system speed. Every task you run requires RAM(Random Access Memory), if you don't have enough RAM available than it needs to look at your hard drive for memory, which is countless times slower. I'm not sure how to properly techincally explain this, but simply put if you don't have enough ram, than your system is going to crawl regardless of what processor/video card you have, and in some cases programs won't even be able to run.
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