Hey i got a question xd

Atm i'm running a AMD Phenom ii 1100T which i love xddd

But i got a question for the DRAM

I know that if u higher / lower it when u set its frequency, after that when you lower ur cpu clock speed
the dram edits too so lets say you have 800 DRAM and u lower / higher it ur dram becomes 820 or 780 etc.
But what else changes it? HT Bus? (since ht is amd's fsb xd) or like the NB multiplier or HT mult,
hope you guys can awnser, ty and happy hollidaysss
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  1. Bumpp
  2. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    If you change the FSB or reference clock you change the following things:

    1- CPU frequency
    2- DRAM frequency (RAM frequency)
    3- NB frequency
    4- HT frequency

    As you CPU is BE is more easy rise the CPU multiplier and DRAM multiplier for overclock than use the FSB.
  3. tyvm<3
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