Need to replace a p5n32-e sli


I've got an Asus p5n32-e sli that seems to have turned to the dark side. Lots of random errors, won't boot up successfully with 4 gigs of ram installed, usb hangs randomly, blue screens about once or twice a day.

I was looking around the web, and no one seems to be carrying this board anymore. I was hoping someone could recommend a decent replacement motherboard.

Proc: Intel Core Duo CPU e6850 @ 3ghz
Memory: 4gigs corsair ddr2xms2
Gfx: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX
Sound: Whatever sound came with the mobo

Thanks for your time!

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  1. This would be a good replacement for that board but i would test the memory before you go replacing the motherboard. Motherboards usually outlast any component of a computer test your ram with memtest before you do anything.
  2. Yeah, ran memtest for 8 straight hours, just started it and went to work. Got nothing.
  3. To continue, computer won't do anything worthwhile if all four dimms are in. If I run mem-test with only slots 1 and 2 installed, everything is fine, will boot to windows, but the system isn't stable.

    Switched out the ram that was in slots 3 & 4, run memtest, no errors. Same with boot and stability. Put ram in slots 3 &4, and immediately get memtest errors, and system won't even load the OS.

    Additionally, can't get windows to load the raid drivers, no matter how I un-install and re-install them. UsB hangs, graphic drivers crash no matter how i un-install, driver clean, and update them.

    It certainly -seems- like something has gone awry with the mobo.
  4. Had same problem, pull out 1 stick of RAM, boot up, goto ASUS website, download lastest bios update, install it with the ASUS bios FLASH installer, let the computer reboot, shut it down, pull power plug, re-install RAM. fire it up. GOOD TO GO. Good Luck.
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