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I recently overclocked my computer but however it seems to randomly freeze up. I'll have it running for the hours during work or at night but when I go to use it, the screen won't come up. I check the downloading history or so and see it freezes up a couple of hours prior. This is about the third time now without any error message and by randomly, I mean a couple days of running or about a week of running just fine. All driver are updated, BIOS has been updated. This setup is about 2 months old and went through the tweaking process already. This is the highest OC I achieved. Here is what I got:

I7980- OC'd to 4.425
24GB DDR 3 2000MHz at 1770MHz
CPU vCore- 1.4v
Mem- 1.7v
everything else is set at auto (Timings, other voltages), tried manually but runs stable on auto.

It will run LinX at 100 passes, Prime95 for 16 hours fine but just randomly freezes, sometimes just idling, sometimes while doing random tasks. It'll run fine for days then freeze. Then run fine for 2 weeks. Passes memtest with 3 passes. I was having problems with BSOD for the memory but manually adjusted it to 1.7v from 1.68v and haven't seem a BSOD since. Do you think it needs to be bumped higher? Should I loosen the timings more from the auto setting? The timings at auto are 10-12-10-10 for the memory that is rated at 9-10-9-9. Thanks for the help
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  1. Maybe you just back off a bit from 4.425. This will allow you to drop the mem voltage also perhaps. The hit to performance at say 4.25-4.3 will be nothing in real life. Try to get the mem. voltage down. Depending on your MB try to get it closer to the 1.6-1.65v point. Also try to back off the 1.4 a bit. I have had many instances of an OC being stable under stress test but throwing BSOD in real use. Always found backing off a notch or two solved the issues. Also extends life of devices even with good cooling higher voltages always shorten the life of components. Try this stress test (http://downloads.guru3d.com/IntelBurnTest-v2.3-download-2047.html). 20 passes is the most you would ever run and if it passes 10 runs at 8 threads max. memory you should be good. Your voltage regulation on the MB can vary and that can cause BSOD in real use. Please post your hardware and bios settings. Might be able to spot a bios setting to help you out.
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