My new HD is recognized as the drive D:(recovery) after cloning?

Installed a new Seagate HD last night, my previous HD was going bad. So instead of installing all the applications and programs I cloned my old drive to the new drive. But now in my Drive C: is not showing the new HD, it still has the old information listed without the new drive listed. The new drive is showing in the Drive d: recovery partition. How do I change it to show the new drive as the Drive C. I checked the BIOS and it is recognized as a master drive. But something must have went wrong in the cloning process. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks Mike
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  1. The way you wrote this is confusing. If you cloned the drives, the new new one will have the exact info as the old one, so the "old" information would be the exact same as in your original drive. What's this about the "new drive listed"? Does drive manager show the old drive as the main drive? Did you check the models of the drives to see what is where?

    What did you use to clone it, and what options did you select? Did you do whole drive to whole drive, then take out the old drive and boot off the new one?
  2. Actually I was mistaken. It cloned properly, it just didn't look like it because it split the 500GB basically in half. Ironically the original c drive before the cloning process was pretty close to the same amount of storage after the cloning. Once I looked at the D partition it indicated 250gb too. I should have allocated more size to the C drive before I started the clone process. All I think I need to do is get a partition wizard to move the storage over. Not sure how to that. but will give it a whirl. But its all good. It was my first time changing the HD, I didn't want to wipe out all the material and reinstall the OS. This worked perfectly now I can do my laptop.

  3. There are a few ways of cloning, one method keeps the partition size the same no matter what size disk you use, it sounds like that's what you did. Another way will expand the drive partition to the full available space.

    To merge the partitions, you can use Easus Partition Master, free for home use.

    Just make sure you have backups of your files, any type of activity like this has a risk.
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