Computer making weird buzzing noise

My computer is making a very, very weird buzzing noise whenever I play a game. the noise is different for each game but they all resemble a very fast paced and rythmic "clicking" noise. when I shove my head into the case while it's running I can't tell if it's the CPU fan or the hard drive

my computer has been running a little slower than usual in games and weirdly lags

I have gtx 260 216 core in sli so lag in that game shouldn't be a problem.

here are my specs
intel e8400 3.0ghz with the stock fan
Western Digital 500gb 7200 RPM HDD
ASUS striker II NSE 790i
ASUS Dvd Drive
windows vista home premium

In october I am going to buy windows 7 and try to return the hard drive

i have only had this computer for 2 months
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  1. While gaming check the CPU temperature with RealTemp and use Speedfan to see fan speeds. Also check GPU temperatures with GPU-Z.
  2. CPU temp is just about 40C under 80% load while playing crysis, the buzzing persists.

    GPU temp is also around 40C while playing crysis with fans at 62% on both cards

    Fanspeed is also normal

    I am wondering if a component in the heasink fan got jarred out of line or something, it doesn't sound like the noise is comming from the hard drive now.

    also, all lights on my motherboard indicate everything is good
  3. Check your bios settings for something incorrect.
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