Optimizing Windows 7 video streaming

4 gig RAM
Intel Pentium Dual Core
Plenty of Disk space

When I visit my favorite video site www.channelsurfing.net the video sticks periodically

Any optimizing advice is appreciated...
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  1. if you have a video card, what is it, if you dont, then get one, and also do some overclocking, disk defragmenting, and clearing cookies, it probs just the website
  2. He's watching tv not gaming, whats he need a video card for?
    I think rather the issue is the site not straming fast enough to keep up with playbeck. THats what I experience at least.

    What I do is start a video and then once it starts playing I pause it and go off and do something for 5 - 10 minutes. When i get back I start watching again and usually dont have it 'stick' for the rest of the show.
  3. I have windows 7, and usually watch live games at www.NESPNtv.com. With Vista it was really sporadic, but it is flawless with Windows 7.

    P.S. I use google chrome
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