Overclocked E6750 resets to stock, won't overclock again

I've had my intel E6750 (stock 2.6ghz) overclocked to 3.2ghz just by changing the FSB to 400 with a multiplier of 8 for probably over a year now. I just went to put in new ram (4 gigs of ddr3 1066) and when I did, I saw the CPU overclocking was reset. I tried to put it back to 8x400 and it wouldn't take. I put the old ram back in (2 gigs of ddr2 1066) and the CPU still won't overclock. I even raised it by 1 single mhz and still nothing. What could be the problem?
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  1. Don't know. What motherboard?
  2. Gigabyte PA-P35C-DS3R, rev 2.0

    Someone suggested reset the CMOS. I've never dealt with the CMOS before.
  3. Somehow I managed to be stabled at 2.8ghz and right at this moment I'm at 3.0ghz, haven't stressed it yet or anything, but it booted.

    I was looking at my old files and I saw at 3.2 ghz I used to be at 32*C for my CPU. Right now I'm at 48*C. Sounds like an overheating problem. I haven't touched it at all, but I'm thinking something could have happened to the thermal paste? The fan is still tightly secured.
  4. If you are idling, 48C sounds high. But anything under 70 C is safe.
  5. Sorry yes, I left out that those two temperatures were at idle. I ran Prime95 and within 1 minute temps were exceeding 67*C, which was the max temp hit in the 4 hour session I did when I was first overclocking.
  6. 67 C is on the high side of safe, especially since you normally will not ever be running at a constant 100% load.
  7. Just an update: So I'm not sure what the deal is, but I tried slowly upping the bus speed, and I was at 375 MHz for a week or so no problems. I reapplied thermal paste to the CPU/heatsink, figuring that might have been a problem since it was last applied 3 years ago. About 3 days ago I upped it again to 400 MHZ, and again no problems. So right now I'm back at 3.2 GHz.
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