Failed critical bios update on a toshiba l355d laptop

IJUST INSTALLED WINDOWS 7 AND I was looking for the latest drivers when I ran across this bios critical update on the Toshiba website. I figured that if it was critical then I better get it, that was a bad idea. I downloaded the update and when I began to run the program my screen went blank. I thought this was normal so I went to bed. when I got up that morning it was still the same blank screen. I figured it had 8 hours to install so it should be ok to turn it off, that was another bad idea. My computer has been dead ever since not even a light comes on. Can someone tell me how to fix this myself ? I already know the other options. Thanks!!!
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  1. This is the second thread on the same topic that you've opened in the span of 18 minutes.
    Anyways. I did a search on google, and it seems that the following is what you can do:
    if you can get to the CMOS battery >>> then most likely you can also get access to the bios chip ????? you can have your bios chip (eprom) reflashed by a vendor on ebay cheaply. Go to ebay >>>> do a search for "bios Chip" look in the items until you find a seller named Angelib I have used him several times, very fast turn around time and very good communicator. The bios chip will just pop out with the use of two paper clips with little hooks bent on their ends / make sure you write down on paper the orientation of the chip PRIOR to removal >>> every chip as an identifing edge >>> it will be a squared off corner or shallow half circle indent etc >>>> dotn use stickers or writing on the chips as orientation marks !! been there done that !! dont work ~ ~ ~ when you install a chip in the wrong orientation it smokes the new one !! :(

    there is a way to blind flash your bios even with a CD rom drive >>>> I dont remember off the top of my head >>>> with the instructions for flashing with a CD drive are at scroll down about 1/3rd of the page >>>> you will see BOOTABLE CD


    Try at your own risk. I will not be held responsible for any damage you incur to your laptop.
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