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I just built an i7 920 system (asus p6t mobo) and i had a few questions

my memory is this

it's listed as 1600 mhz, but i saw in the bios it's set to 1066. Does that mean i can easily just set it to 1600 without worrying about overheating? the compuiter has been about 38-45 degrees C on normal usage. Eventually i want ot overclock the cpu also and try to really increase the performance, but for now i just want the memory to run at 1600 mhz. can i do that without screwing around w ith the cpu also?

also, this kind of goes with the other one, but it just seems like it's running slower than it should be. i have a caviar black 640 gb hard drive that i just put windows 7 on. My friend's installed windows 7 on his new macbook pro (4 gb memory) and it seems to boot faster on that than it does on mine. I would assume mine would boot faster just because it's the same operating system and my computer is more powerful. it's not like he has an ssd or anything. And they are both fresh installs with no programs on them.

Anyone have any ideas why it might be like that? Are there some bios settings i need to play around with or something? i did turn off the thorough check bios setting or whatever it was, that checked stuff more.

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  1. For your question on the RAM speed ->
    Yes Just set the rated speed and timings in the BIOS and set the voltage to 1.65V...It would run @ 1600MHz without any heat issues...

    As for the boot time, maybe because of the slower RAM speed, increase the speed and timings to the rated settings and then check...
  2. I can't say anything about the Win7 load times.
    However you can use the XMP feature in your mobo to make use of the speed without the need of manual tuning.
    You can also check . Ctrl+F Change the memory mhz to the lowest posible ratio there and do the opposite thing to make it.
  3. hi,

    i looked at the xmp thing, but when i go to set it, it sets the dram voltage to 1.66, which says it can damage the cpu, so i was a little hesitant about doing that. do you think it's safe? it won't let me change it to 1.65.

    if i do it manually, are the only things i need to change the ram speed, timing, and the voltage? which voltage do i need to change? there cpu and dram and some others. and also, which timing do i set in the dram timing options section? do i only set the cas latency? because there's like 30 options.
  4. You can use the XMP settings. 1.66v is close enough to the 1.65v limit to be fine. If you manually set the RAM settings, you would set the DRAM voltage to 1.65v and change the first four RAM timings to 8-8-8-24. Using the XMP profile would probably be best for you since you don't sound confident in changing settings in the BIOS.
  5. Set all settings to the EXACT numbers specified on the Ram sticker.
    I think 1.66 is safe enough. Do you use an after market cooler?
  6. scythe mugen 2
  7. No problem then. Just use the XMP and try again to change the voltage to 1.65
    Sometimes the BIOS just boost the voltage to ensure stability and 1.66 won't be a problem most of the time.
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