SpywarebBlaster Screenshot Size

I get ticked at the huge size Spyware Blaster uses on my desktop when it loads.
I minimalize it while it loads so I can work with the 30 -40 shortcuts on my desktop.

I have searched to find a registry way to custom-size this window. I have found the program in several places in the registry and experimented with some changes....to no avail. (Is the size embedded in the .exe ?) (If so, I shall have to use a Dissasembler.)

So, does any one out there have a FIX by changing the Spyware Blaster registry ?

(I have used Sizer, but this takes longer than minimalizing the screenshot, and it does not stay through the next re-boot.)

This is not a crucial issue, obviously, but I like to 'tweak'.

I shall try any suggestions.

Thank you,

TR6 is my 1972 frame-off restored Triumph British 2-seater.
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