Gigabyte Z68-UD3-iSSD + intel i5 2500k + corsair A50

is it a good idea to but a Corsair A50 on a gigabyte Z68-UD3-iSSD while using 4 channels of high profile ram? Will it fit?

thanks in advance

corsair 600t
intel i5 2500k @ GHz
corsair vengeance dual channel 16GB @ MHz
Intel 20GB ssd , WD caviar black 1TB
corsair 650 TX v2 PSU
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    It's impossible to give a blanket yes or no without knowing the exact dimensions of the MOBO that would show how far the RAM slots are from the CPU socket. It will probably fit but, you may be forced to put the fan on the opposite side of the cooler from the RAM. Your best bet is go with low profile RAM or possibly a different cooler.
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