Will accelero xtreme 2900 fit my 8800 GTX ultra???

Ok I know that these aftermarket coolers a little bit outdated since 8800 gtx and ati 2900 are oldish cards but I'm stuck for now with my 8800 gtx ultra and my duo 2 core e6700 and im looking into overclocking them.I cant go with thermaltake big liquid cooling which they have some still available to cool the cpu and also to buy the liquid cooling heatsink for my 8800 gtx.The only problem is the clearance between the front of the case bays and the motherboard,I have the 2 slots available just below the cd/dwd reader and writer but the clearance in length that is between the slots and the motherboard is too close to 9.1,7 inch which is the length of the cooling system requirement.I dont want to buy it and then get stuck with it because I cant install it,I wish back then i have ordered a full tower case instead of the Tuniq mid size case.
My oder option is air cooling heat sink from artcic cooling,and the accelero xtreme 8800 is no longer to be found* only the accelero xtreme 2900,does anyone knows if the 2900 model will be able to fit my 8800 gtx? If it can than its a life saver,only one available now 8800 model but it goes for around $120 on amazon,kinda pricey since is the last one i guess.Either that and pay $120 from amazon,but if the 2900 fits its only $60 and still available,or my last bet would be zalman hr88 with rv1000 all together cost around $80 but not as good as the accelero extreme.So the main question is and sorry for such a long post will arctic cooling 2900 fit my 8800 gtx ultra????please any prompt answers?
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  1. I get by with a zalman vf-1000 with my 8800gtx but you should look into finding the rhs-88 kit on ebay for the mem and voltage regulators. After that slot a cheap bay van right next to it for better temps.




    You don't have to buy via ebay if you don't want to but its there as a suggestion.
  2. new egg has them both,the rhs 88 and the vf1000,but I'm looking into overclocking my 8800 gtx and the benchmarks only showed 10 celsius or fharads (not sure which one) in temperature decrease,not much decrease if you want to overclock it...

    Its funny the accelero xtreme was selling around for $60-$70 including shipping,but now since is the last item on amazon goes for $120 plus $30 for shipping equal in total of $150,how that does make sence when the 8800GTX itels i paid for was brand new $200.....

    I have no problem paying for the zalman combo (rhs88 & vf1000) $80,but can I overclock my 8800 GTX with this combination????? :cry:
  3. So long with have good ventilation and a bay fan of any kind that blows air onto the card. Even in a m-atx case you can have good airflow but you might as well take off the side panel since the temps will drop even more. As for overclocking 650mhz core with shaders linked and for the mem well over ultra spec. I have yet to see temps go over 60~65c.
  4. Oh the zalman cooler will fit many other cards as well and maybe the rhs-88 will also fit on the newer GTX260,275,280/ and 285 cards. So you will be using this cooler for a long time if needed.
  5. The only reason I'm looking into overclocking my GPU and CPU is because once when new FPS game comes out I usually jump into TWL and CAL league competition,and lets faced games have involved and ask more and more from the CPU and GPU performance (also asks more for faster ram memory and beter hard drive which will spin more than 7500rpm,like the raptor that spins at 10000rpm) but I think pushing the limits on the CPU and the GPU is enough.My system has duo 2 core E6700 and 8800 gtx ultra,with this set up in cod4 and cod WAW in stock settings I get 70-80 FPS constant fps,if i set textures and graphics on low i get steady 125fps.But every since it start happening while only playing COD WAW and my pc monitor goes black and i get the message saying "going into power safe mode" my only explenation since i did some research and I found nothing regarding this matter,I think this is happening because COD WAW is a never game than COD4 and requires more from the GPU and maeby the GPU gets lil been overheated and thats the reason why my pc goes into "auto power safe mode"

    Any ways if the rhs-88 and vr-1000 is a good solution for overclocking the 8800 ultra GTX,than will be a good way to go with because i can max out the performance and keep it cool,and we all know that no matter how much you overclock as long as your hardware stays cool it will last as intended to do so.

    So what you guys think rhs-88 with vr-1000 is good for overclocking the 8800 gtx??? oh yes and ill be getting better thermal paste for better cooling and bonding for the video card and the CPU,I'll do it once but want to make sure I'll do it right.
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