Iomega prestige 1tb drive - access denied message from Windows 7

I wonder if anyone can help me - I have an Iomega prestige 1tb drive that works fine with XP, but on my new Samsung laptop with W7, I keep getting a message "Access Denied".

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  1. Im having the same problem with seagate 1 tb all security's and permissions allowed and I have a drive letter. Ive even reinstalled win 7 and still get access denied????

    Anyone, Please
  2. Hi,

    It sounds as though Windows 7 may be recognizing the drive as a foreign hard disk drive. Both of you may benefit from the following TechNet forum thread Access denied to external Hard Drive on Windows 7 where a member of the Microsoft Contingent Staff, Wpbacon, provides the necessary steps to resolve a foreign disk issue.

    For additional assistance regarding Windows 7 and how it accesses connected hard disks you may find the following resource article Troubleshooting Disk Management helpful.

    Windows Outreach Team – IT Pro
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