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I would like to know how I can recover all my information that was storage on a hitachi hard drive thas sound weird and also is not recognised by my computer, it is easy to some people to say, send it back if youa are still under Waranty but if in my case I dont have a Back up for my work that means It is lost, do some body can fix a disk that fail? to recover my Data?
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  1. Nothing is really lost. The data is still there, just needs to be extracted. First step would be to get this HDD to mount on a system. I would say try a system that has Ubuntu or any other Linux distro on it, as linux works with any filesystem and can open a lot of drives that are considered "corrupted" by Windows. Use an external HDD dock for that, or an external HDD casing. Make sure the connections are done right. If that does not mount the HDD, let us know what errors you encounter. If it does, next step will be to back-up all the necessary data from it. Then, you can replace it or try to fix it by using a utility like Killdisk.
  2. If it just not see by Windows, you can try software to recover your data, like Getdataback, if the HDD does not show up at BIOS, it could be physical problem and it wont be easy fix. If the data is important, I strongly encourage you send all drives to a professional data recovery company before all chances of recovery are lost.
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