Net use

trying to create a directory on a remote machine - in a workgroup

net use \\\c$ password:12345zyx/user:username

if exist \\\c$\misc goto done
echo "make directory"
md \\\c$\misc <-- error here
done:echo "done"

the result is an error message - 'access denied' and it occurs at the md \\ command
i placed the password and user name on the line and that generated an error

any ideas
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  1. Users not allowed to create directories under those rights.
    You need to access as administrator. Thus 'access denied'.
    Either that or PC not accepting Remote Administration.
  2. thanks for reply, here is the solution i found and makes no sense to me, but it runs

    net use \\\c$ /user:administrator password
    if exist \\\c$\misc goto done
    echo "make directory"
    md \\\c$\misc
    echo "done"
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    The user needs to come before the password in the net use line. Plus not having admin rights to the machine would cause this. To even get to the hidden c$ share you need to use a local admin account.
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