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Hello, I have an Dell XPS 7100 with an AMD Phenom II X6 1045T on the Dell motherboard that came with it. I also have an XFX 6870 installed. I have a feeling that the 1045T is slightly bottle-necking the GPU (for example, I have benchmarked ARMA II:OA at around 36 fps when others get somewhere around 60 fps with the 6870) so I was wondering if I could OC the CPU on the OEM motherboard. And if I can't, what motherboard would you recommend to do this?
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    With a OEM mobo is a little difficult overclock, but you can try with setFSB or AMD Overdrive, I suggest your get a better mobo since OEM mobos aren't designed with good specifications for overclock.
  2. Hey saint19, thanks for the info. If I did get a new mobo and a 700W PSU, how far do you think I could overclock it?
  3. I can't tell you an exact value since all overclocks are different. You will also need a good cooler (not stock cooler) for keep the CPU cool and balance the RAM frequency since you CPU isn't BE.

    Maybe you can get a 3.2GHz-3.4GHz with luck and work, but I'm not sure.
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