Asrock X58 Extreme3

Whats up with this new series "True 333" from Asrock?

It seems like a grate motherboard with x16 x16 in crossfire/SLI, USB3, Sata3 and all the other goodies but there is a problem it is no were to be found for sale . Seriously i know it says "This model may not be sold worldwide. Please contact your local dealer for the availability of this model in your region." (
but i type it out on Google and i cant find any decent reviews or online stores that sell this product can someone enlighten me about this please. I might be missing something maybe the release date is for some time next month ?
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  1. Asrock usually makes great products so it will probably be a very good quality board.
  2. Nope, but it might be GREAT, or not so grate. Stay in school kid.
  3. Hello, :hello:

    I have been following this board is for sale @ the link listed below.

    I see the 333 series you are talking about is yet another even newer product :o Extreme3&cat=Specifications

    i can't find a review or seller either...if you find one pls post a link

    Well thought i'd post what i did find on one these new 333 mobo's.

    Only one i found was for the P55 platform. Hopefully more will surface soon.

    The comments area of this review was very heated and a nice read too for those with any questions of the draw backs of going (333)

    still looks like a very promising line up Asrock has going here hopefully they will hit some US vendors :na:

    if anyone wants to check out there total (333) line up here is the link :D

    This may be a bias result but still was an impressive video showing the difference between Asrocks 333 bridge
    I got a kick out of the reviewer he kept saying......."ok...that's really cool"
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. hehehe that sux if it doesn't come out in next month I'm going with gibabyte. i have looked at the [...] xe3,1.html and it seems like they are having a heated discussion in the comment section which is quite entertaining to read lol
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