Windows XP 64bit setup not reading SATA HDD but bios does

Hello all

I have just finished my first computer build and finally have been able to get to bios to do my installation of Windows 64bit
when windows setup begins it states that i have no HDD when i do infact have a 250GB SATA HDD and the bios shows it as well and will let you change a few settings but nothing im familiar with.
i will also say that i do not have a floppy drive in my computer for some reason that seems important.

what im really looking for is drivers. before win setup says i have no hdd it gives me an option to hit F6 if i need to install any third party drivers.
my question is what driver am i looking for or what manufacturer am i supposed to look under for the driver, it being homebuilt is it a driver from one of my MOBO, general OS or HDD manufacturer?

quick responses are greatly appreciated as i have days wasting away on SWTOR and i cant even play.

thank you!
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    To be dead honest, since this is a brand new gaming system, buy a copy of Windows 7. Windows XP 64-Bit was Microsoft's test bed for 64-bit OS's. There was no major support for it at all: drivers, programs, etc.
  2. I found a SATARAID driver for xp 64-bit moments ago through my motherboard manufacturer but the driver is in a .exe file instead of a .INF and i need it in .INF to use nlite and make a disk that has both the driver and the os on it
  3. I agreed with runswindows95! XP 64-bit has very poor driver support, and unless you have a machine that came with it pre-installed it is not worth it. Get Windows 7 64-bit and be done with it!
  4. yeah ive been searching for hours and all i can find are these damn EXE files for my sata drive instead of the INF so im about to call it quits. it just kinda pisses me off i have a bought copy of 7 ultimate but they wont give me another key. if it was 7 home or others i would get three. but i have a copy of xp 64bit so i was just going to use this but if it cant read my sata i cant even get the os on there.
    really not cool with paying for windows AGAIN!

    thanks for the input fellas
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  6. I just happened to see your post about the exe driver file issue with no inf file. This happened to me previously.

    Heres what I did:

    1. Right clicked on the exe file>Selected 7zip>Another menu appears>Selected "extract to folder(same as exe file name)"
    2. A new folder will be created(same name as the exe file) which should include the packed contents(driver files) of the exe file along-with the inf you are looking for. Its just like unzipping.

    You can get 7zip here:
  7. awesome man you really helped me out i wish i woudlnt have given up last night so i could give you the best answer appreciate it much avimanyu!
  8. i am still having issues even after getting the file to .INF and its doing it to me on the win7 boot as well. idk why its not reading my sata drive. it still shows up in my bios. thought it was just a driver for my mobo but nothing is working.. maybe i have the wrong driver idk
  9. whoa patience virtues!!! figured it out just had to mess with the raid controller function dunno how it got on
    so for the second time my problem is solved.
    thanks for dealing with my madness
  10. I'm glad to know that it ultimately worked out :bounce: :)
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