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I just bought an asus p6t deluxe for my new build and in the manual it says it supports the following ram frequencies: 1600(O.C.)/1333/1066. what does the O.C. mean? that I can only achieve that frequency if I overclock or that I can achieve higher frequencies if I overclock or something totally different?
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  2. 1600 can only be reached if you overclock the system. Typically you get there by increasing BCLK. On some motherboards you have multipliers for memory that allow you to reach 1066 or 1333 or 1600.

    If you are planning on using an I7 920/930 thats how you overclock it anyhow...increasing BCLK.

    You will need to find ratios of bclk and your memory multipliers that equal the memory speed you are trying to reach. On the otherhand raw memory speed doesnt always translate into better performance, sometimes lower latencies work better... just something to consider....
  3. I'm getting mushkins with a latency of 6-8-6-24 That should be prety good shouldn't? and I will be using an i7 930.
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