I would like to put a 1 gig PC 2 5300 into my mac mini G4 which has PC 3200

I already have this ram due to upgrading my dell XPS M1210 to 4 gig from 2. I was hoping to use the spare ram to speed up a mac mini G4.
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    I don't recommend it. The ram speeds are too wide apart, and your system may not even post. You are welcome to try it, but don't blame the ram manufacturer if it doesn't work. Many oem boards aren't designed for changing the ram or cpu speeds since they don't offer as many bios updates. For more info, your best bet is to try apple tech support or look for a mac forum.
  2. Thanks o1die I wasn't sure if I was up to attempting to take the mac mini apart for the upgrade so may put this in the to hard basket unless I have the correct ram and feel brave enough.
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