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Hey everyone,

Have just completed my first attempt at upgrading my hardware. Looking good so far. Its a Crucial M4 256GB ssd to be dedicated as a non-OS software drive. Everything looks good in BIOS. Now in Win7 I go into Disk Management and it tells me that I have to initialize the disk before the "Logial Disk Manager" can access it. I now have two partition style options: MBR or GPT. Sounds like I should go with GPT because its not an OS drive but im really not sure and want to get it right. Any thoughts? Anything else I should know when setting up my ssd?
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  1. MBR is fine for everything under 2.2 TB. GPT was created because MBR can't utilize space past the first 2.2 TB on the drive, or if you need to create more than four partitions.

    Why not re-install your OS on the SSD? It's plenty big.
  2. Thanks for your help. I actually have my OS functioning on a smaller ssd, this ones for my other software. You're right in suggesting this though - much more responsive than a HDD.
  3. Ok, so new ssd is initialized as an MBR. Drive not appearing in windows explorer so do I need to create a "New Simple Volume" to make it usable? (sorry if this is really obvious)
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    I don't work with the wizards, so the answer is "I don't know."

    In addition to initializing the drive, you have to make at least one partition and format it. You are using an approach with which I am not familiar. Everything that I know about partitioning and formatting can be found here:
  5. thanks mate, you've been a help.
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