What's the best way to transfer data to a new HDD?

Hi all,

I have a 1.5TB's HDD and it has data with 700GB. Now I get a new HDD with 2TB's space. I want to transfer the data from the 1.5TB to the 2TB, what's the best way.

I partitioned the 1.5TB HDD with 1 partition.

I think I can:

1. Plug both the 1.5TB and the 2TB HDDs to the computer, make them as a mirror, so the new 2TB will sync to the old 1.5TB with all data
2. Install some partition tool such as Acronis or Paragon or ghost. Make a partition/disk copy from the 1.5TB to the new 2TB.

So, if we ignore the price of the partition tool, which option is better, why?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Just download clonezilla and clone the drive.

  2. Are you just transfering Your data to the new HDD, or do you want to clone the operating system partition?
    If just transfering Your Data and files to new HADD, just connect up, partition and format new drive and do a copy.

    If you are wanting to Copy the Boot drive (C drive) then:
    ..What Operating system. If windows 7, use Windows 7 Backup utility - works great.
    ... For windows 7 create the backup image and store it on an extrenal drive
    ... Disconnect old HDD, connect New HDD, stick your windows 7 installation disk in, select repair and select the image file - Wham bam- thank you Mam, almost done.
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