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I use a Macbook Pro on which I installed VMware Fusion 2 to use Windows XP Professional with SP 3. The macbook has NVIDIA GeForce 9300M video card. But it seems like VMware Fusion used SVGA 2 only. I'm trying to play Oblivion and Aion on my macbook, but I can't. The problem seems to be related to to VMware using SVGA 2 only. Can I actually play these two games on my virtual machine? If so, how? If not, are there any alternatives that will allow me to play them on my macbook?
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    no you cannot, why not use boot camp to natively run XP to play these games
  2. Yeah, VMWare sucks for graphics intensive apps, especially games.

    Bootcamp is the way to go, VMWare is just bloat you don't need while gaming.
  3. Thanks a lot, I've decided to use Boot camp to play them. I'll check in again if I run into any more problems.
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