500r radiators?

Does anyone know if I can mount a radiator inside the Corsair 500r case? I know I'll be able to mount a rs240mm radiator on the top vent, which I'll use for my cpu loop. I do want to add a 2nd radiator for my gpu(s) somewhere inside the case, it seems like the only spot for this would be on the bottom by my psu where there is a 120/140mm fan mount and a removable hd cage.

If anyone would like some pics of the inside, let me know.
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  1. Depending on hardware and total watts created, it depends on what sized rad and how you want to mount that. I think we'll need more info such as CPU/GPU(s) and loop components.
  2. Well I don't know much about watercooling yet so I can't tell you what loop components I'll have or will need. I will have a single xspc rasa rs240mm kit for my cpu, but I would also like to cool my gpu which is a GTX570. I plan on getting a 2nd gtx 570 eventually. Is it possible for me to cool 2 gtx570s with one xspc rs240? Will having one reservoir affect anything?

    Sorry for sounding like an idiot but I am new to this and would appreciate some help, and searching the web hasn't helped as all I could find about fitting a radiator in the 500r was info about the h100.

    Edit: I have an ax850 corsair psu.
  3. I'd recommend reading through the watercooling sticky that is listed in my signature. That being said, you're going to need about the surface area of the RS240 rad for each component in the loop. You can maybe get away with using an RS240 and something like a RS360 or even a 200mm rad. If worst came to worst, you could get away with using two RS240's at stock speeds on your components. (These both are considering a CPU and two GPUs).

    It also depends on budget and potential willingness to modify your case if needed. There are a lot of options depending what you really want to do.
  4. It would be tight putting 2 GPUs and a CPU on 2x RS240s - I'd say you'd probably be ok with 2x RX240s because of the increased thickness.

    The H100 is a 240mm radiator, so it's somewhat helpful that Corsair has a specified way to mount it, but it's finding room for that other rad that will be tricky.

    You might be able to mount one in place of the hard drive cages (since they're moveable). Are there tubing cut-outs in the rear of the case at all? You could mount an external rad and run the tubing out through that.
  5. The 500r is a bigger version the the 400r. You can mount a 240mm radiator in the top, front of hdd's or in the door panel.
  6. CPU (based on current i5 and i7's) and 2 GTX 270's= 533 watts (all stock speeds)

    RS360 ~ 500 watts / 3 = 166.67 watts per 120mm

    166.67 x 4 = 666.67 watts
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