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I'm interested in purchasing an SSD to use as a boot drive in an Amahi/Fedora 14 home server. I want a drive that is reliable and is ~$100 (around $75 would be better). So far I've been looking at

Intel 320 40GB
Patriot Torqx 2 32GB
Crucial M4 64GB

I don't think I really need anything larger than a 16GB drive, but they seem to be few and far between and relatively expensive. Any recommendations on the drives above or any other drives I should be looking at?
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  1. Go with price and availability. I prefer 40 GBs and higher.
  2. Anyone have anything else to add? Side question, I know any SSD should work on Linux, but are there any that have any quirks when used with Linux?
  3. Not with the next LTS release of Ubuntu based distro's.
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