Will geforce 9500GT 1gb work with 300 Watt psu?

So I went to newegg.com and did their PSU wattage rating program. Im using a Gateway DX4800 with a 300 watt psu, but i want to put an nvidia geforce 9500GT 1gb ddr2 into it.

The program off of Newegg told me the average Wattage would be about 270 with the geforce 9500gt installed, yet it states on the gfx card's box that I would need a minimum of 350W power supply to properly run the card.

Is it safe to run the card in my pc without buying a new power supply?
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  1. a good 300w should be fine

    300w is plenty for something like an E6550, 2gb, 1 hdd 1 cdrom and a GTX260 so aslong as your around that you will be fine.
  2. me i have a 340 watt psu can i handle it?
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