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First off I have to give thanks for all the Toms Hardware forum provides, Ive learned so much from here its priceless.

My question is this: I had an HP a6400F with a E2200 2.2ghz chip I replaced the CPU with an E8400 3.0ghz and noticed a nice gain in performance, would replaceing the motherboard increase performance that is noticeable? Not just overclocking which I want to also learn more of but even just stock settings.
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  1. not really. motherboards are all based off the same chipsets, usually from intel, though possibly NVIDIA if you got an nForce board. If you replace the board for a new architecture and yet another new processor, then you'll notice a significant performance increase, but it's essentially building a new computer.
  2. ^+1...

    However... if your FSB on your motherboard is 800, you are limiting the power of the E8400, which runs at FSB 1333. As you mentioned, you will have the abilities to overclock as well. Also, you will have a performance increase by running a Nvidia GTX260 Core 216 or ATI 4870 and better video card as well.
  3. what is the 45nm thing all about and is my motherboard allowing this technology? Asus IPIBL-LB will the overclocking really make a noticeable difference?
  4. 45nm just describes how the chip was made. Since 45nm is smaller than 65nm, they can either reduce the heat and power needs of the older design, or cram more stuff in the extra space freed up by going to the smaller size.
  5. I'm not sure if you can replace motherboards on pre-made systems such as Dell, HP, Gateway.

    I read somewhere that they use custom motherboards, so introducing a new motherboard it might not;

    a. Line up with the available mounting holes
    b. Be able to connect to the peripherals in the front of the case (reset, power, lights)

    So I'd do a little research and try to find a manual online (if you don't have one) for your specific system.
  6. no its a standard motherboard as I already moved it into another case only the bios is locked and you cant overclock
  7. Oh, alright. So yes adding a new motherboard will allow the CPU to run at its native speed 1333mhz and you'll be able to overclock. I'm not sure how big of an increase you'd get but I would expect a better motherboard with higher memory speeds would net you a considerable increase in performance with your e8400. Let alone the increase from the overclock.
  8. The old motherboard is getting 1333mhz and running 800mhz ram, what would be a safe overclock on air for that CPU?
  9. With a good aftermarket heat sink, you can get to 3.6GHz pretty easy, as along as your motherboard and other components can take it.
  10. Also what temps should I be concerned with right now my CPU is running about 41c for each core and GPU GEFORCE 9600GT running about 43-44c take the side of my case off and I can squeeze -4,5c off both
  11. there is a good deal at compusa on an SLI MSI MB with 650 Watt PS and nvidia case for 199.00 all I would need then is another 9600 GT Video card
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