My Cpu Temp Good Or Not??

My Cpu: Phenom II X3 720 BE
Ram: 4 GB 800

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  1. Those all look like good temps to me.
  2. Thats fine. My 720 w/ 4th core @ 3.6 with voltage 1.45 gets up to 59 celcius.
  3. that is a perfectly fine temperature

    and Alex got a lucky chip, mine unlocks but i could only get it up to 3.5 with 1.55v, i have lower temps though :P (around 45c)

    I am thinking I might see if i could go higher but I dont want to fry the chip, what is the max voltage i can have on this chip?(I know i should make my own thread i may but the idea just dawned on me)
  4. What about the Motherboard good or Not Good??

    Do You It Need Reduce Voltage??
  5. It's good across the board.
  6. another questions if i reduce the voltage from bios any problem do??
  7. Reducing which voltage? Some you can lower, others would cause problems.
  8. well i wouldnt reccomend reducing the voltages because you have perfectly fine temps. But if you reduce it to far your system would reboot because the CPU randomly shut off because it didnt have enough power
  9. but CPU Temp when i use Prime95 arrive to 73'c and CPU Temp Arrive to 55 - 60 'c during extract big archive

    and now i reduce voltage from bios screen to 1.275 v and computer working finely
  10. Prime95 is designed to stress the system beyond any applications you'll throw at it so it will gain higher temps than daily use.

    55-60c during intense work is an OK temp.

    You're in absolutely no danger or harming anything with those temps.
  11. TheViper: thanks for u

    only i worry for my Processor

    another question what is normal voltage for this processor???
  12. If you set it to AUTO in the BIOS then it should be set to the stock voltage for the Processor
  13. yesterday i use program called LINX and running it temp arrive to the to 68'c any problem in this temp????
  14. thanks for u

    finally Question What is Normal Voltage For This Processor??
  15. wsupduck said:
    If you set it to AUTO in the BIOS then it should be set to the stock voltage for the Processor
  16. Reduse Voltage from Bios Screen any Problem in that??
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