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i need to turn on the sata connections on a HP pavilion a8000n with an ASUS A7v8x-lA motherboard
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  1. There is nothing to turn on if your asus board has a sata port. The bios should pick up the sata drive if you have the cables installed properly including the power supply connection. I recommend you prep the drive with the hardrive manufacturer's software. You can make the sata drive the new boot device and do a drive to drive copy (clone) if desired. I use maxblast 5.0 which works with windows xp, vista, and 7 with maxtor and seagate drives. Other brands use similar software. It's a free download; you can burn a cd and use it as a bootdisk. After the program finishes making the copy, you turn off the system and change the jumper on your old ide drive to "slave" and power up.
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