Hard drive not detected on boot up but...

When I start my pc up or restart it, it says that there is not hard drive detected and the it says cpu fan error and tells me to hit F1 to go to set-up. When it goes into the BIOS I can see the hard and I can boot it up from the BIOS but when I start my pc it does not detect it, Help please


Intel i5 2500k
Asus sabertooth p67
HDD: WD Caviar Green
GTX 260
8GB CORSAIR Vengeance
CPU fan: akasa Venom nano

Thanks, Steven
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  1. Do you have your CPU fan connected to the motherboard? I think you need to resolve that issue first.
  2. First, you should fix the CPU Fan problem. IF it really has failed, you need it fixed SOON before it gets to be a bigger problem. First step: just open the case and observe whether the CPU cooling fan is turning at reasonable speed. If not, it probably has failed and should be replaced immediately. If it is turning, try this: shut down, then unplug and reconnect that fan where it plugs into the mobo. Do this a couple of times, then start up again. Does the fan turn? Does the error message still come up? The unplug / reconnect operation may scrub the pins clean - both fan power supply and fan speed signal pins - so that it works OK again. But if not, you should replace the fan.

    Now, you say the HDD is shown in BIOS. Is your optical drive (CD or DVD) also detected? Check where you have set up your Boot Priority Sequence. The usual way is optical drive first, then the particular HDD you normally boot from, and then no other choices. Make sure the right HDD is specified (if you have more than one). If you changed anything here, don't forget to SAVE and Reboot.

    If that does not solve your problem, check these two items:

    1. Is your optical drive empty? If it contains a non-bootable disk the machine will try to boot from it and fail, but the error message will not be exactly what you said.

    2. Did you have a second HDD in your machine earlier when the OS was installed, and then remove it recently? If so, you will need either to re-install the drive you removed or do a REPAIR Install from your OS's Install CD to restore some files that were on the (now-missing) second drive unit.
  3. I tried unplugging the CPU Fan a couple of times but still getting the error, but the fan looks like it is turning fine.

    HDD still isn't getting detected when i turn the PC on, but can still boot it up ion the BIOS. I have No Discs in my drives.
  4. Can you check the CPU temp from inside the bios. There is usually a page in the bios that will report CPU temp and fan speed. Post these if you can.
  5. The errors have gone now. Put fan into a different socket and also moved my HDD into the first 3gb sata port and it all works now.
  6. "Put fan into a different socket" got my attention. On the mobo there is only ONE socket market "CPU_FAN". It is the ONLY one that can control the fan speed for the CPU, and that can associate the speed signal it gets with the CPU fan function. So If you are plugging the fan into a mobo connector, it really should be on the CPU_FAN one.

    If there is no fan plugged into the CPU_FAN connector, it will get no fan speed signal and will constantly report a failed CPU fan. If the fan does not have a yellow wire from motor to connector, or if that speed signal wire has failed, it also will give that error report. In these cases if you are sure you want the fan connected elsewhere or are comfortable without having constant checking of that CPU cooler fan, check in the BIOS whether you have the option of telling it to ignore the CPU fan speed. That wat it will stop giving you error messages. Then it is up to you to be sire the CPU fan works and cools the CPU properly.

    Anyway, glad to hear you got it all working smoothly.
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