GTS 250 Lag

Hey guy's.

I just build myself a new computer, it consists of:
i5 750
MSI P55 GD65
G.Skill Ripjaws 4GB *2x2*
Coolermaster 550w
320 Seagate Barracuda HD
LiteOn DVD Burner
TP-Link 54 mpbs wireless card

Running Windows XP professional service pack 3 (32 bit)

Anyhow, do a clean install of windows.
Install the drivers for each hardware. (everything is installed)

Install a game called 'postal 2' to test my graphics card out.

Here's the problem.
When I play multiplayer online I get a fair bit of lag. (Never had this on my dell laptop running vista)

But the normal gameplay (not multiplayer) is fine..

Could you guy's suggest the problem?
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  1. I suspect the wireless card is more likely to be causing lag whilst in multiplayer than the graphic card.
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    Multiplayer games are extremely sensitive to latency. If the single player version of the game runs smooth, and multiplayer does not, you're almost guaranteed to be having a latency issue.

    Wireless internet is NOT very good for gaming purposes. Between potential signal loss, interference, and lower bandwidth you'll find more latency issues.
  3. Thanks guys.
  4. No problem. :) Good luck!
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