Mushkin Enhanced Chronos Vs Enhanced Chronos Delux|20-226-236^20-226-236-01%23%2C20-226-225^20-226-225-TS

Tom reviewed the deluxe version in his latest SSD roundup. I can't figure out why the deluxe version has a $60 dollar premium for a "SandForce SF-2281 SSD processor with unthrottled - IOPS firmware"

I currently have a OCZ Agility 3 60GB boot drive but I'm looking to purchase a larger performance drive (120/128GB). The drives in question are|20-226-236^20-226-236-01%23%2C20-226-225^20-226-225-TS%2C20-227-726^20-227-726-TS%2C20-211-551^20-211-551-TS%2C20-227-706^20-227-706-TS

I like the low price of the Mushkin but will it still have performance similar to the Vertex 3?
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  1. I forgot to mention that I hope to use this new drive to run photoshop, video editing software, and games from the 120GB drive.
  2. Those are brand new drives. I just checked and other than the Tom's Hardware roundup there are no competent technical reviews. I don't even have them listed in the ssd database. I recommend waiting until there are a few technical reviews and a track record is established.
  3. ^+1....

    In the end, Tom's went with the OCZ Vertex 3 as their recommendation out of the group. I would be willing to go with the Patriot Wildfire over the Mushkin but in the end... I would stick with the OCZ drives.
  4. Ok, that makes sense. I do like my Agility 3 drive. It performs very close to advertised apecs (within 2-5mb/s) I was planning on buying it in the fall.

    However, I still don't understand why the deluxe version is $60 more expensive. Is the unthrottled version that much faster?
  5. It is faster but the bigger thing is the drive doesn't throttle (duro-write) down under heavy use. You can benchmark heavy loads with lots of writes and performance doesn't really drop. (well to me that is what untrottle means). It is the opposite of the information in this OCZ post:

    I'm not sure if I would want that as to me throttling helps protect the drive from heavy writes, which could cause early failure.
  6. So the cheaper drive might even possibly be the more stable one too.
  7. It seems the regular version will use cheaper slower ram as well.
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