Blu ray lag and audio problem

Playback of any blu ray movie is always choppy, and I can't get 5.1 channel audio. My amp is decoding dts hd audio, but in windows I can't select 5.1 audio. My pc is connected to my monitor via hdmi, and to the amp via optical cable. My pc is easily capable of blu ray playback but I have no idea why it's choppy, any help would be appreciated!

My system: Core i7 2600k, ati 6950 2gb, 8gb ra, asus blu ray drive, windows 7
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  1. Hmm strange one, What program are you using to play the DVD?
  2. I'm using power dvd 9 to play blu rays
  3. I've never had any issues with Power DVD before, defo a strange one! (Check in the power DVD options that you have hardware acceleration enabled) Have you tried using media player or a third party player like VLC? Have you updated you graphics card drivers?

    Do you have many programs running in the background?
  4. Yup hardware acceleration is enabled! VLC won't play blu rays! Well... I can't get it too anyway! Yup latest drivers! And while playing blu rays cpu usage sits at 1% so I don't think background tasks are the problem!
  5. I'm shocked VLC have not sorted out Blue ray support yet!!! in terms of choppy is it audio or video? sorry to keep asking you questions!
  6. It's fine, ask away! Its just the video that's choppy. With the audio I get 5.1 working through the title menus, then when the film actually plays it's only 2.1! I've tried all my blu rays, and they all do the same.
  7. What soundcard do you use? is it onboard by any chance? i know that power DVD is full of bugs, have you checked the power DVD advisor for updates? checked for updates? (Think it's Ctrl +A)


    If it's vid is either the software or your codecs, However with the 5.1 not working it sounds more like a software issue if all the settings are 100% correct
  8. Yeah using onboard sound, I'll check for updates now! So maybe I should try another programme you think and see if that works? Or maybe just a different version of power dvd?
  9. i know that power DVD has issues with onboard realtek soundcards, it's possible that this is the cause. However i don't think it would make the video playback choppy. i would defo try and update the software and see if that works. if not then try another player (I think you can get a free trial on most of them now) Fingers Crossed! :D
  10. No updates available :/ That's probably the cause of the problem then.. well the audio anyway! I have read about windows 7 64 bit being a bit weird with blu rays aswell.... I'll try finding some other software/trials and see how they work!
  11. No worries, I'm sure Windows Media Player should be able to run it for you as well. Might be worth a shot!
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