Mouse pointer still moving too fast suddenly

oops - must change it to a question, I think..

hi folks,

I'm using windows xp, and last Friday my mouse pointer started to move faster than normal, despite no changes on the settings. I tried to move the settings down and back one point, but either it is too slow or too (lightning) fast, instead of moving as little as I'm used to, it ends up at the upper right corner of the screen.
I tried to restart the PC, and after leaving it rest shut off for a couple of hours, it went back to normal, but then started again to behave strange (meaning it seems to be acting normal on the desktop, but speed up on web pages or word documents or games, although I'm not sure how much).
what could be the cause, how could I correct this? any ideas? past experience?

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    Errr, I assume you've tried using another mouse, right?

    And you can edit your post into a question, just edit your first here on this thread.
  2. thanks. I have.
    I replied also to this, but the system hung, and it seems the reply didn't get through
  3. A lot of current mice have a hardware switch that changes their sensitivity. It's often a recessed button on the bottom or side of the mouse - if this got pressed accidentally then the symptom would be similar to what you're describing.
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