E521 overclocking with clockgen advise please

I realise my system is old compared to the vast majority but it has served me well so far and it's not that far off what i need still.
the reason for overclocking is to play skyrim and hopefully mass effect3 (?)

dell e521
vista32 home premium sp2
amd athlon 64 x2 3600+ (1.9ghz)
3gb ddr2 pc2 5300 (2x512@5-5-5-15 3-29-5-3 2x1gb@5-4-4-13 2-20-5-3)
160gb hd
nvidia geforce9600gt 512mb ddr3 (replaced 7300le)
19inch 6;4monitor
305w dell psu (264w output)

memory speed is 317mhz and max is 400mhz(x2=634 and 800)

the pc plays dragon age oblivion(morrowindd was better) and mass effect2 just fine. not worried about max resolutions and stuff. just playability. i don't play shootemups, mainly rpgs.

the gpu is just plugged in to the pciex16 slot(had to hacksaw a bit for it to fit) no extra power cable to it.
been running like this fine for a year or two.

overclocking the cpu to 2.2 is fine and runs stable with the fsb at 231 and the ram at 367. i put it through sandra benchtest after playing with the overclock. i can push it to 2390 fsb252 ram399 and seems to run ok until i bench it. blue screen! 2.2 is as high as it will go and stay completely stable. no blue screening.

the mb says 3.0ghz max and 400x2 max for cpu and memory.

am i flogging a dead horse? i've read the current cpu is a very good overclocker but the dell bios and/or mobo is not friendly for ocing.
not that knowledgeable with pcs, but can understand if explained like i'm an idiot.

many thanks
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  1. no one?
    i've looked at this for upgraading, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200471385163?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 assuming my options on the dell are linited. would the standard psu be ok or not? recommend one to suit?
  2. If you check the forum contents page, your post has had 45 "looks" at it.

    Me? I know very little about overclocking AMD systems.

    Just letting you know that people are looking at your post even if they are not replying.

    I did look at the bundle in your second post. Your standard PSU should run it OK.
  3. New cpu that's what I would do!
  4. More than likely you aren't getting enough voltage to the CPU. There are many reasons for this.

    1. You didn't give enough voltage in the BIOS
    2. Your PSU is maxed out for the amount of current you are pulling
    3. Your mass produced Dell motherboard has crappy voltage regulators that can't supply enough juice to the CPU (most likely)

    At any rate, it may be time for an upgrade
  5. many thanks.
    it seems uprgading is the best of options. i like the packege that i showed, but it appears the dell case is not compatable with atx? is this correct?
    as for motherboard, is it worth getting an sli ready one? i think the 9600gt will play pretty much all rpgs? am i better to forget sli and upgrade gpu at a later date or sli mobo and sli at a laterdate?
    psu's are a little less confusing but brands tend to pop up as a must have oover cheaper alternatives.
    i found some psu's up to 650w with the same amps on 12v as my 305w dell psu.
    is this a viable option, or too cheap to be confident on reliability?
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