5850 Weird/low FPS

Hey, I've been testing my new powercolor HD5850 and came across some strange results. I've been using the Company of Heroes tales of valor stress test to see how my new card would perform.
Below are the settings i used and also the results.

E8400@4.4ghz GPU Stock Monitor: 25Hz

1920x1080 All Max 8xAA 1920x1080 All Max No AA 1650x1080 All Max No aa
AVG: 49.2 AVG: 49.3 AVG: 49.3
MAX: 52.3 MAX: 53.1 MAX: 53.2
MIN: 37.8 MIN: 38.7 MIN: 39.6

E8400@4.0ghz GPU Stock Monitor: 25Hz

1920x1080 All Max 8xAA 1920x1080 All Max 8xAA No Physics
AVG: 49.2 AVG: 49.3
Max: 53.0 MAX: 53.1
MIN: 37.7 MIN: 37.8

E8400@4.0ghz GPU 775/1100 Monitor: 25Hz

1920x1080 All Max 8xAA 1024x768 Everything Low/off No AA
AVG: 49.2 AVG: 49.9
MAX: 52.9 MAX: 53.1
MIN: 38.7 MIN: 45.4

E8400@4.0ghz GPU 775/1100 Monitor: 59Hz

1920x1080 All Max 8xAA
AVG: 52.6
MAX: 56.3
MIN: 41.2

When I set my TV/Monitor any higher than 25Hz I get some very strange artifacting in game. I'm using a Toshiba Regza 32" TV Max res:1920x1080 Max refresh rate: 60Hz

Does anyone have any idea why im getting so little FPS there seems to be very little differance from max settings to minimum settings which seems odd to me. Upping the refresh rate helped minimum FPS, but the game went very dark and there were a few artifacts : /

P5Q-E P45 Mobo
E8400@ 4ghz 1.208V
4gig of DDR2 1000
PowerColor 5850 775/1100
Coolermaster real power M700
Coolermaster HAF 932
LG sata DVD ROM drive
Maxtor Diamond max sata 2 160GB

Im using driver 8.66 which is the driver recommended by AMD/ATi on there website.

I'd really appreciate any help/Input. Thanks.
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  1. the stupid human eye cant detect more than 30 fps, so 35 and 35 human eye cant see the difference and only from 30 to 60 fps human eye can detect a noticeable change and imo 20 fps enough for me in fps shooters and 30 in thank god!!!!
  2. Yeah I know that it doesnt actually make much differance over 30FPS, but I would like to know the reason why the FPS are so low. If I only wanted 30FPS I would have brought a 4850, not a £200 5850.

    Thanks for your input.
  3. rescawen said:
    the stupid human eye cant detect more than 30 fps...

    Oh FAQ, go do some research ya knob before posting such BS !! [:thegreatgrapeape:2]

    The eye can detect far more than that, it just your perception that's the problem, and not everyone has such a low threshold. :pfff:
  4. I have no idea what you are trying to do here OP. Why are you messing around with refresh rates? And you are getting 50fps flat anyway? Looks like you are being cpu bound at 50fps maybe?
  5. I thought that refresh rates has something to do with FPS, and from my testing it seems that it does affect it, but only slightly.

    I too thought that maybe my E8400 was bottlenecking my 5850 some what, but I tested with the CPU at 4ghz and 4.4ghz and the results didnt change much at all.

    But just to make sure i'll put my 5850 in my friends rig, he has a Q6600@3.4ghz so that should get rid of any cpu bottleneck.

    I've also noticed that my call of duty waw FPS hasnt changed at all, going from a 4870 512mb to a 5850 just seems to be a cap of 91FPS which is fine obviously but im just curious as to why it hasnt changed/increased.

    Thanks jennyh for you input =]

    Oh on the subject of CPU bottleneck i did a 3dmark06 test with CPU@4ghz and GPU @ stock and got 18953 points.
    Then i upped the core clock and memory of my 5850 to 775/1125 and only got 19068, only 115 more points.
    So then i overclocked my CPU to 4.4ghz and got a score of 20762.

    Any more ideas ??
  6. Yes in 3dmark06 you will get a lot more points out of an overclocked cpu compared to an overclocked gpu.

    With those scores though, there is nothing wrong with the card. You are using what are practically beta drivers remember, give it time.
  7. okay, i'll just wait to see what new drivers will do.
  8. those frame rates lok pretty good dude, its playable at 8xanti aliasing, wat more do you want
  9. Yeah i am very happy with the performance, just curious as to why i get very similar frate rates at 1024x768 everything low vs everything on max at 1920x1080, but like i said i'll wait for some new drivers to come out and then test again.
  10. usually when theres very little or no diff between high and low res, the cpu is bnecking, but that cpu should not cause difficulties, you can get a 9550 for like $200
  11. Well im going to test it in my friends rig, with a Q6600@3.4ghz to see if that changes anything.

    I don't have any money left after spending £218 on the 5850 and i cant really push my E8400 much more due to my mobo's FSB limit, i'll let you know how i get on !

    Thanks for the help.
  12. hey do you know if the ati 5850's have their pci power connectors at the front of the board as opposed to the side. Also is it as long as a GTS 250 or just slightly longer?
  13. You shouldn't need to push your CPU higher at all thats already very high. Your CPU deffinitely is not holding you back because I ran the same benchmark with a processor at 2.5GHZ and hit 103 FPS av. or around there With a stock 5850.
    Try uninstalling old drivers and see if that helps. go to device manager and It's under display adapter. You will see all your installed drivers. Get rid of all except your 5850.
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