VISTA 64 HELP - Quadcore system takes 25 minutes to boot

I apologise for the long post, if I have posted this in the wrong section, or if this has already been posted before, but I really need help with an issue with my computer.

Short story - I have updated my Vista 64 Home Premium to Service Pack 2 and now it takes just over 25 minutes to boot instead of 2 minutes. It crashes whenever I want to open a program and the Start button refuses to open in under 30 seconds. All of these problems started after updating. Nothing will start, and I now have to forcefully shut it down by holding the power button because it will not respond. I have 6gb of DDR2 Ram and an Intel Core2 Quad processor, so I am baffled why it is so slow.

Full story - Just got my new gaming computer and I'm running Vista 64 bit Home Premium. Earlier today it decided to update to service pack 2. I clicked install after reading something along the lines of "Improves boot time and improves system stability". It installed in about 10-15 minutes and it asked to reboot my computer (as it always does after an update).

Please note that before I installed this service pack, my boot time was about 2 minutes. When the "Welcome" screen appeared, it stayed for no longer than 5 seconds and then disappeared, revealing a fully loaded desktop that was operational immediately. I use two programs to maintain this computer speed - Auslogics Bootspeed and O&O Defrag. These are both legitimate and keep the computer running very smoothly. Nothing loads at start-up except Norton Internet Security 2009 and Catalyst Control Centre.

When my computer turns off and restarts after updating, it doesn't output any picture to my monitor at the speed it usually does. It starts to get very loud, then cuts off altogether. It starts again, this time actually making it to BIOS and then proceeding to boot as usual.

It gets to the welcome screen and has a message along the lines of "Installing Service Pack step 3 of 3" It starts at 60% and takes a whole 40 minutes to finish this installation. It finally gets to the normal welcome screen and stays there for quite some time. The loading icon keeps going round and round for what seems like an eternity and then FINALLY it loads my desktop - but not as I remember it. The colours on my screen are all washed out and my picture is fuzzy. It is exactly how it was when I was using on-board graphics ( I now have a 4890). A little bubble pops up in the bottom right corner of my screen and tells me that it "Has finished installing drivers". Drivers to what?! Nothing new has been plugged in since my last boot before updating and I can only assume it is some kind of error.

Just when I thought this long and drawn out computer torture had ended, I was quickly shown it wasn't. I clicked on the Start button and it took 30 seconds to open. Not good. I double click an icon on my desktop, the screen goes dark but the button usually asking permission to continue never appears. Not good. The computers stays like this and Ctrl+Alt+Delete won't work. Definately not good.

At this stage I just held the power button on the front to forcefully shut down a completely crashed computer.

My full system specs are:

Intel Core2 Quad Q8200 @ 2.33GHz
6GB DDR2, 667 MHz
ATI Sapphire Radeon 1GB 4890 Vapor-X
Western Digital 640GB 7,200 RPM Harddrive

To summarise:

-Perfectly fast computer before update, painfully slow computer after update
-No programs at startup slowing down boot time
-Clean, tidy registry
-High-Spec gaming build slower than my 9 year old 1.0GHz single core laptop
-Harddrive light always on

I've had this computer one week tomorrow, and already it has a problem which stops me being able to use it. I'm new to Vista, so I might be missing something here, but my old laptop mentioned earlier running XP has never been this slow or problematic.

Apologies again for this massive post, but I'm trying to give as much detail as is physically possible. I can't be the only person experiencing this - it was fine and dandy before I updated!

Any help would be fantastic. Thank you for taking your time to read this.
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  1. Have you considered doing a fresh install of the OS again? Which would be pre-SP2.
  2. If something went wrong during the update and your OS is corrupt you might have to repair or re-install the OS then re-update.
  3. I would slipstream SP2 into your Vista installation and do a fresh install. If you install it over your existing installation your data files will be saved to a Windows.old folder, but you'll have to re-install all your software.
  4. Unfortunately, it sounds like you may have a hardware problem. There are quite a few things that can cause data corruption.

    You may have to begin basic troublshooting.

    I would start by testing your RAM (Memtest) for several hours.

    If it's just a software glitch, try to see if you can go to an earlier "System Restore" point which should have been automatically set before a major update.

    In the future, make an IMAGE using a program such as Acronis True Image. Backup to a second drive.
  5. Thanks for all the replies.

    I have bitten the bullet and Pre-Ordered Windows 7.

    Thanks again.
  6. Gordan_Fremans_Toaster,

    Microsoft does have an official Windows Vista Support Forum located here It is supported by product specialists as well as engineers and support teams. You may want to check the threads available there for additional assistance and feedback.

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
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