Intel 990x Extreme w/mobo - build me a rig - not for gaming

I purchased a G1.Guerilla with a 990x. To be honest I hate this machine. I had a better and more stable unit when I purchased an AMD 1100T.

I have an nVidia Quadro 4000 and I need to do intensive HD and RAW uncompressed video editing.

I don't want to get rid of my processor but I do want a new mobo. I still have my 24gb kit. Not getting rid of that. But I want to get an OCZ SSD PCIe with high IOPS and two super fast SSD 6gbs on RAID 0.

I can't wait for manufacturers consolidating Thunderbolt. So I'm going to have to submit to an external PCIe card add on when it comes out. That's primarily how I want to scratch off my media, through Thunderbolt.

So can anybody recommend an LGA1366 or x58 mobo that can take 48GB memory or 24GB. All I wanted for Christmas was a fast editing system. I want to also be able to overclock my CPU. Just tell me the best and Ill buy it.

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  1. why did you buy an outdated system when you could have bought the new i7 3960x? then you would have had motherboards that support 64gb ram like this
    sell what you have and change platforms rather than buying another dead end motherboard.
  2. Sorry I didn't buy anything. The build was from my producers as I requested the best high performance parts for a workstation. It was purchased in this August. I'm all American, but I live in İstanbul and it's inconvenient for me to acquire processors or parts overseas because of high taxes. Plus I remember at the time the only high rendering performance processor was the 990x. My plan is to sell these pieces and acquire the goods.

    How much better is the Intel X79 vs. Marvell?
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