Need to recover data from formatted WD PASSPORT

I have a WD PASSPORT external drive that was formatted and need to recover the data from it. No new data has been written to it since the format. The formatting only took like one min so I think the data is still there. Any suggestions?
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  1. You are pretty much screwed. Sorry to say. You could try this software : But its not 100 % sure it will work !

    Cheers dude
  2. Getdataback is powerful and user friendly.
  3. Yeah no such luck :( Thanks for the suggestions guys.
  4. I used EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional to retrieve several thousand files I had on a WD Passport that was corrupted, then fixed, then formatted. Amazing piece of kit. Passport wasn't even showing up under 'My Computer'. Drop me a line for more info:

    minkturtle at gmail dot com
  5. PS Now that it's been formatted I seem to have lost the files that come with it that enable it to be hooked up to Playstations, Xboxs, etc. Anybody know where I can get those? Or what they're called? I forget.

    Apart from that, works perfect! :-)
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