Just overclocked, weird flicker!!!

Okay so i had made a post on the 24th asking about AMD overdrive for the AMD HIS 5850 about its core clock and memory clock.... since then i have "overclocked" to 775mhz and memory to 1125mhz....ran battlefield 3 for about 30 minutes temps were mid 50s highest being 57 degrees.... iam happy with the performance boost BUT when ever i click or do something on my main monitor my second monitor gets a distorted sort of looking flicker..... how can i fix this? my Hardware acceleration is OFF for flash so iam not sure why it would be doing this.

Main: LG flatron w2243t(@1920x1080)
secondary(Samsung syncmaster T220HD TV(@1680x1050)

Anyone have any ideas or have ran into this before that could help me out? thanks.
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  1. Is the flicker present when your video card is running at stock speeds?
  2. Well then you GPU OC is not stable...If at stock speeds there is no flicker...So just run it at stock speeds to remedy your problem
  3. Try decreasing your memory clock, i get yellow spots all over the screen if I OC my memory too much.
  4. Any flicker, or spots(artifacts) are evidence of unstable OC's
  5. "When I bang my head against the wall my head hurts. Can you help."

    Moar cooling!
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