Can't get 100hz refresh rate on crt win 7

Using Windows 7 64bit, and ATI 5870 I can't get 100hz refresh rate.

I tried installing a custom monitor driver I made using PowerStrip, but it still won't allow 100hz! Nothing past 60hz!!!

Even the ati control panel won't allow me to force a refresh rate higher than 60hz.

Really need 100hz back.

My monitor def supports it!
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  1. I have a CRT and Win 7 want let me set my dest-top over 85 Hz. If I known that I would left win 7 on the shelf...get this in some games for some reason I get 98X76 refresh, now with Vista I can get 220 Hz....go figure
  2. same ******* problem and no one seems to care!
    the only difference is that maximum refresh rate i get is 85Hz. But it worked with 100Hz before using win7 x64.
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