ULTIMATE PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Guys,
I am very excited as I am planning on building "my" "ULTIMATE PC"
I have the following in mind,.....

-Coolermaster Storm Scout Chassis,
-Inwin 1500W 80PLUS PSU,
-ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 Motherboard,
-Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz CPU,
-3X2GB DDR3-2000MHz CL9(9-9-9-27) Kingston Hiper-X
3X2GB DDR3-1600MHz CL6-7-6-18 Supertalent Gold Series RAM??? ?? ?
-24" Samsung 70 000:1, 2ms, HDMI LCD Screen,
-LG 24X DVD Writer,
-52 in 1 Card Reader,
-Compro H900 1080i TV Card + FM Radio,
-ASUS U3S6 PCI-E (4X) {2X SATA3 + 2X USB3.0} CARD,
-MSI/Sapphire Radeon 58701GB 256Bit, GDDR5.

I've been saving for 2years now and im just making final planning then I want to buy in mid January 2010.

Thanx so much for your input
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  1. Ditch that Inwin.
    A Corsair 850HX will be a far better choice.
    And it will even take the load of 2nd 5870.

    Nice Rig otherwise...2 Year saving will finally bear fruit.. :)
  2. For a single 5870 (or even 2 of them), that PSU is a complete waste. Get a Corsair HX850 or an Antec Signature 850. Don't bother with DDR3-2000 either, unless you specifically need extremely high memory bandwidth. I'd lean towards decent latency (8 or better) DDR3-1600.
  3. Hey BDDazza, Thanx man. Yes it is overkill but I im trying to build this PC as Futureproof as I can and thought That PSU would last for life. hehe, But ill have a look into that thanx. Which RAM (Kingston or Supertalent) and which Brand GPU(MSI or Sapphire) Would you go with?? {I know the RAM is also a bit overkill at the moment but again the future proof thing} Or what do you think? :-)
  4. Unless you plan on doing something like 5890 CF, a solid 850 will be a better choice. It will last a LONG time, and both of the ones I mentioned should provide more stable, lower noise, lower ripple power than the 1500W you mention. In addition, a good 850 would be more efficient, as you'll be running it closer to its design range.
  5. That Inwin is really not good man.
    It doesn't compare to the quality that corsair offers.
  6. There's not really such a thing as a PSU for life, even if that was a top quality PSU. They degrade. If you look at a power calculator, such as the one here: http://www.thermaltake.outervision.com/ - you'll see that they all ask how old they are, and ask you to add a bit for the age. A corsair 850 will be adequate for your needs. It's better to get a quality one with enough power than a dicey one with too much power.
    I'm also not too sure why you feel you need the Asus card. Beyond that, there's not much need for the 2000 RAM unless you intend to go nuts* on an overclock, or there's not much of a price difference.
    Having said all that, it looks like a sweet rig, and I'm sure you'll have a great time with it.
  7. Great, I checked out that Corsair HX850 and I think that this will be my new choice, got great reviews and is 33% cheaper then the Inwin. Thanx Dudes. Ya, ill most probebly cross fire my 5870 with another in a year or so, wont buy a 5970 as it is just to much for my pocket!! What would you guys recomend with the RAM(Kingston OR that Supertalent)?? It cost exactly the same. :-)
  8. If it's the same, I'd get the 2000 Kingston then. I'm sure you'd could save a fair bit on 1600 if you looked around?
  9. How much does it cost?

    I would think you could get some good DDR3-1600 for quite a bit less than either.
  10. +5 for the cheaper RAM

    Get some robust CAS 8 1600MHz RAM and tighten the timings until it pops. Patriot Viper is good, as is OCZ and Corsair.

    If this is your ultimate system then you simply must get yourself a decent CPU cooler so you can overclock this beast - the i7 920 is a fantastic overclocker and leaving it at stock is such a waste - with no effort it'll clock up to match the i7 975. Grab a Cogage True Spirit or Scythe Mugen 2 and you're good. If you want to push your overclock to 4GHz then a Prolimatech Megahalems or Thermalright Ultra 120 Rev C with a pair of good 120mm fans is the route to go.

    Also, I'd get the P6TD Deluxe motherboard - it's the Xtreme Design version of what you've already listed and costs the same.
  11. The price is between those two RAM, R2400(South-African Rands) but I can get for cheaper but then the latency goes up,...... 3 X 2GB DDR3-1600 CL9-9-9-27 I can get for R 2 300. So is that R100 worth that Latency increas??
    1US $ = R7.55

    Which brand do you guys recomend for the ATI5870, MSI OR SAPPHIRE??
  12. Sapphire Vapour-X for the 5870 - cooling's better than the reference design.

    Regarding RAM, don't worry too much about latency and speed. Unless you're benching you won't see any tangible difference. The sweet spot is 1600MHz at CAS 8 but you can easily get that by overclocking/tightening the RAM.

    Get a solid kit of 1600MHz RAM and tighten the timings.
  13. That's all? I would have guessed that there would be a larger price difference than that. In that case, you might as well get the better stuff.
  14. The ASUS P6TD Delux is onley R200 more expensife than the P6T Deluxe V2 so I will also go with that one! Thanx. Is the onley dif between the P6T and P6TD that you can overclock the P6TD more?? Or what?? Because the rest of the specs looks exactly the same,....... Then, the Sapphire 5870 Vapor-X is 20% more Expensive than the reverence desighn,....... Is this worth the small decrese in temp and the small overclock?? :-)
  15. This is Asus Xtreme Design http://event.asus.com/mb/Xtreme_Design/ so generally yes, the difference between the P6T Deluxe V2 and the P6TD Deluxe is the increased overclocking and stability potential the Xtreme Design offers.

    As for the 5870s, the choice is up to you - I personally prefer the Vapor-X if I'm not watercooling because the cooling design is better than stock - have a look online for some reviews of the 5870 Vapor-X and see how much the cooling is improved, and then judge for yourself if it's worth the price, especially as in a year you said you'll get a second one - that's really where improved cooling will come into play.
  16. See my last post didnt send. I think that the lower temp is a good idea so I will consider the 5870 Vapour-X. Thanx s much for all your help aswell as everyone else! Realy apreasiate it alot! IF THERE IS ANY COMMENTS ETC THAT ANYONE WANTS TO MAKE, PLEASE DO AS N WIL BE CHEKKING POSTS TILL MID JANUARY. THANX TO ALL. :-)
  17. Hey guys, my budget looks a bit tight, do you think a 57701GB GPU will also stil get the job done?? Then ill upgrade to the 5870 in a year when it is like half price,....????????????? (And sell the old 5770, or I can just Cross Fire)

    (-Corei7 920, ASUS P6TD, 3X 2GB Supertalent DDR3-1600 CL6-7-6-18 RAM, ATI 5770 1GB, 1TB SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200RPM 32MB HDD, Coolermaster Storm Scout, 2x LG 22X DVD WRITERS, 24" Samsung 2ms 70 000:1, 52 in 1 Card Reader,
    -Compro H900 1080i TV Card + FM Radio,
    -ASUS U3S6 PCI-E (4X) {2X SATA3 + 2X USB3.0} CARD and Corsair HX850W PSU)

  18. Personally, I think you'd be better off leaving the SATA3 expansion card out for now - you're not using anything that will maximise SATA2 let alone SATA 3, and I doubt you'd be using anything that requires USB3's top speed just yet either.

    So drop that for now.

    Also, unless you're planning on doing on-the-fly disc copies from the very beginning you could get away with losing one of your 2 DVD writers for now too.

    That'll save you about $80 right there

    You can also save a few bucks by not going for the Vapor-X version of the 5870 - it was only a suggestion of mine ;-)

    If you still can't squeeze the cash, I'd be inclined to go with a 5850 and then Crossfire them down the road - it's still a very good card.

    But, I don't see prices dropping any time soon - the 5800 range is quite well priced and unless NVIDIA's Fermi cards are reality-warping good at a competitive price point when they eventually come out, I don't see AMD needing to drop the price of the 5800s.

    This one's down to you dude - the 5770 is fine and will be great in Crossfire, but you'll be laughing for years if you can find the means to go at least 5850 then Crossfire.

    Also, get a Samsung SpinPoint F3 1TB instead of that Barracuda - the F3 is faster.
  19. You could also save a few bucks by getting RAM with looser timings and then tightening it up yourself - the OCZ RAM obsidian86 pointed out would do the trick.
  20. cas 8 ram is quite adequate
  21. Hi,sorry ive only just read this thread,but going back,you mentioned going crossfire,from my own experiance i would not bother,i built my pc about 6 months ago,at first i just had a single 4870,but i had to be greedy and a couple of weeks later i got another one,but you only get about 20% more performance,so its not really worth it,iam playing dirt 2 at the moment and it runs alot better with just the single card,i would get the best single card that you can afford imo.
  22. aye save money on the psu and buy a decent sound card. Everything else looks :)
  23. Okey im looking for that DDR3-1600 ram with loose timings and will sort that out. Thanx. I think ill try and get the Radeon 5850 1GB (that will do for now) and "logitic" im not gona drop the PSU but just out of curiosity,.... Which sound card would you reccomend?? :-)
  24. "not gonna drop the PSU"

    presumably you're referring to keeping the HX850 we suggested, not going back to that Inwin?
  25. Yeah, Corsair HX850W PSU all the way!!!! ;-)
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