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I've already built a PC on the 1366 platform, i7-920, and now I'm looking to build a 1156 platform, an i5-750. I used a EVGA motherboard for the i7-920 and was mostly pleased. I was thinking of getting another one to use with the i5, but I had a couple of questions...

-I know a lot of forum members swear by Asus, is there any specific reason why I should go with Asus or another company over EVGA for my motherboard?

-I'll be mostly using this computer for gaming, so is the i5-750 a good pick, or should I spend the extra dough and get an i7-860 instead?

I already have a graphics card bought, Radeon 5850, PSU and RAM are decided as well.

I picked EVGA for the i7-920 build because most of their motherboards on that platform carry a lifetime warranty. But on the P55 platform the warranty is mostly 2-3 years for EVGA, so I'm more flexible regarding the company I go with for this motherboard. Any input would be appreciated, thanks!
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  1. Theyre all good, gigabyte seems to be best bang for buck recently, but nothing wrong with asus or evga. Stick with the i5 750, youll only gain a few frames for the extra 50$, better saving it for a extra 5850 in future, or a future build
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