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Windows XP Activation Key Will Not Activate

Hello, I have a problem. I installed windows XP on a machine that had already had xp on it. Since the computer had no recovery disk, I used my copy of win xp that I have. The only thing was, the product key to go with the other copy of win xp was used up. But, I figured I could use the key on the back of the xp machine. Everything installed fine, but, when I go to change the key to the one back of the machnie, it says that it is an "incorrect product key". Why would it be saying this? Everything is typed correctly, it just wont accept it. Any ideas?
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  1. Was one retail and one OEM?
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    The problem more than likely occurred because you used a retail XP installation disc and the product key on the computer sticker is for an OEM version.
  3. Ok, I will probably go pick up another copy with a fresh product key. Thanks for the help!
  4. Your Welcome!
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