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So just today I got the h100 along with a p8p67 deluxe and a 2500k when I was putting all these components into my nzxt gamma case I realized that there is not enough room on the top to put the radiator with two fans attatched. How I solved this was to attatch the h100 to the side panel. My case has 4 other fans as well one on the front(intake) one on the back(exaust) and the two on the h100 are exaust I want to know what I should do with my 2 spare fans... There is room for two more fans and both are on the top but I know the top is meant for exaust and not intake. I want to know what way I could set the fans up for best airflow. Any light on this subject would be greatly appriciated.

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  1. Although it may seem strange, I would probably reverse your fans on the H100, and have them be intakes through the radiator, so that you are pulling fresh (cold) air directly onto the radiator, giving you better performance out of the rad.

    I would set up the top 2 fans for exhaust, and then leave your front and back fans as intake and exhaust respectively.

    The air coming through the H100 into the case should not be too hot to be an issue, especially with your 3 exhaust fans directly above it.

    I hope i understood your case layout, If I did not, please help explain further.
  2. ^+1. Having those fans as intakes will also keep your airflow setup in a natural flow pattern, so the cooling throughout will still be efficient.
  3. thanks for the help im gonna put that to good use. it makes sence too.
  4. I've got an Cosmos 2 with my h100 mounted ontop, and the fans are in the top compartment instead of directly mounted to the Radiator. They are still connected just separated by a small sheet of metal...should I have the Intake or Exhaust ?
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