Trouble getting my storage drive working

I built my computer today and installed win 7 home premium on a crucial m4 ssd. I have a 1tb samsung f3 that I want to use as my storage drive. Both drives are recognized in the bios. The drive will not show up in parts of windows though. The drive is listed under disk drives in device manager. It is not listed as a drive when I go to computer and I cant find it under computer management>disk management either after rescanning for discs. I would greatly appreciate some help. Trying to get this hdd to work has been incredibly aggravating.

Im not sure if this matters or not but after I installed windows I changed the drive mode to ahci.
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  1. I suspect that you haven't yet partitioned the 1TB drive. If you installed Windows to the SSD then the Windows installer will have partitioned and formatted the SSD for you. Until you partition and format the 1TB drive it won't show up in Explorer.

    The Disk Management tool should see the drive, but show it as empty space. If it's not showing the drive, then something odd is going on. Sometimes it will say that it has to "initialise" the drive first - that basically means writing a serial number to it. Then you can partition the drive. I would suggest creating one large partition for the entire drive.

    Until you can get Disk Management to recognise the drive, however, there's not much you can do.

    You could try booting from the Windows 7 install disc, then choose Advanced - it does have some basic disk partition handling in it. If it can see the 1TB drive, you might discover if there is some kind of obscure partition on the drive. You might even be able to delete it.
  2. Quote:
    You could try booting from the Windows 7 install disc, then choose Advanced - it does have some basic disk partition handling in it.

    Exactly, just use the Windows DVD to delete any partition on it (if there are), make only one partition that takes the integral capacity of the drive (that is crucial the first time you install a new HDD into a computer), reboot.

    After that, if you need to make more than 1 partition, go back into that Windows partition management (only after a reboot, it is MANDATORY!!!!!!!!), then do what you have to. reboot and that's it. ^^
  3. Yes thanks for the help guys! It works now after creating a partition with the win 7 disc. There were no previous petitions on the drive, it was all just unallocated space. It shouldn't be a problem that windows created a 100mb system reserve on the hdd too? Thanks again!
  4. You should be aware that 100 MB system Partition on the HDD is probably important. When Win 7 installs itself on a system with more than one drive unit, it automatically creates on the NON-boot drive a System Partition and writes to it some backup files. These are to be used in future in case of significant damage to the boot drive's files. Win 7 can then use the hidden files on the second drive to repair the boot drive's files. BUT the way it works is that, every time you boot up, Win7 will look for that second drive to be sure it is available. If it ever is removed, your machine will claim it cannot boot because a vital set of tiles is missing. There'
    s a way to fix that, too. But that will never become an issue if you always have both the SSD and the Saumsung F3 drive in your machine.
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