Memory for 4ghz i5 750

Hi there. I'm thinking on getting a P7P55D board and a i5 750 and overclock it to 4ghz with a good cooler, but i can't decide which ram to get for it.

I'm been away for so long, i stopped at DDR1 and now all these DDR3 versions confuse me.
There are :

DDR3 PC3 17600

DDR3 PC310600

DDR3 PC312800

DDR3 PC316000

DDR3 PC38500

Which would you advise me to pick in order to achieve my goal ?
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  1. JackNaylorPE said:

    I read somewhere that i5's won't support triple channel. Is that true?
  2. Jack, that is triple channel ram for x58 not dual channel ram for p55.
    I would go for:
  3. So far judging from your advices a ram 1600 seems to be the best advice for a stable 4 ghz.
    When it comes to brands, the most common are: kingston, ocz, crossair and g.skill.
    Are all of these good brands or is there any of which you would advice me to stay away from?
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